11 hacks for self-care!

Dr Preeti Chawla

With all the juggling and running around to fulfil our roles in different dimensions of life today, it is easy to forget that the foremost priority is looking after your physical & mental health. Taking care of ourselves regularly shall help keep away burn-outs & emotional breakdowns. And help us perform our tasks/ duties better.

Here are a few ways you can look after yourself:.

♦ Get some daily workout. Choose from dancing, cycling, swimming, playing a sport, swimming, gymnasium and so on... Exercise your muscles daily for at least 40mins to build up strength & endurance..

♦ Have wholesome, nutritious, unadulterated food. Carbs, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins- all can be obtained from food, if planned well and taken mindfully.

♦ Sleep is a daily rejuvenating time for your body cells. Make sure you have qualitatively sound sleep. A few deep breaths just before you hit the pillow will help the mind prepare for sleep.

♦ Have your daily ‘ME’ time in solitude. It could be a walk in the greens, sometime with your book, a coffee by the window or listening to soothing music.

♦ Massages- deep tissue/ head/ foot- help release toxins from the muscles, and hence drive away fatigue. Have them once a week.

♦ Yoga & Meditation will help you relax, gain emotional composure and know more of yourself.

♦ Pick an art to express yourself. Dance, music- instrumental/ vocal, sculpting, painting, doodling, writing, gardening... Take time out and get into that space.

♦ Be kind to yourself. Resist self criticism. You are not responsible for the world. Focus on your strengths. Accept the weaker areas as a part of you. And then move on to improvise.

♦ How you treat yourself is a message to the world about how you wish to be treated. Let it be one of respect, trust and love.

♦ Spend time with loved ones. Have dinner times together, board-games, short holidays, vacations.

♦ Learn to say NO. Have clear & healthy mental-emotional boundaries. They help you and others understand where respective spaces begin and end.