Dr Preeti Chawla

It's WORLD GRATITUDE DAY on 21st Sept 2019 & I bring to you an opportunity to shift your life to a higher level with 21-DAY GRATITUDE CHALLENGE.
"Gratitude" is a thought and emotion of highest frequency order, only next to "LOVE". As per research studies in Positive Psychology, practicing gratitude and being grateful can shift one's Attitude, Behaviors, Relationship Equations and Perception, thus arriving at a magnetic pleasing personality.

What Gratitude adds to our lives?
♦ Calmness of Mind,
♦ thoughts,
♦ Positivity in Relationships,
♦ Improved Understanding & Tolerance of others,
♦ Heightened Imaginative power,
♦ Boost in Creativity Quotient,
♦ Unconditional Happiness.
So stop cribbing, sulking in life and allow the Universe to shower you with blessings of abundance as you soak in the nectar of Gratitude...
How does the Online Course work?
It is an ONLINE COURSE via Facebook/ Whats App. Each morning, a day specific lesson will be shared, along with relevant Links/ AUDIO/ VIDEOS as and when required in the course. It will also have 1-2 activities to be performed on the day. This will need 20-30 minutes of your daily time.
In doing so, we will work around different aspects of your life- Health, Money, Self, Relationships, Career; with an objective of attracting Abundance in them each.
Towards the culmination of the course, you will receive info on how to continue with gratitude as a way of life.

What are the fee towards the course?

Course fee: INR 2500/-
USD $40
Contact us
Ph no. +91 9819149951
Email info@drpreetichawla.com