Life, Love and………….Lemonade.

Loving Life Lemonade!

Dr Preeti Chawla

They always said “ When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Lemonade. Refreshing, cooling, soothing. Sour? Sweet? Salty? Na. All three. But where does the sugar come from? I always wondered. How do you add something sweet to something sour so as to relish it? Amazing it tastes, I must say.

Lemon-too sour, keeps teeth on the edge. Sugar- too sweet to be swallowed. A mix of both- lemonade- with a pinch of salt- VOILA!! Too enjoyable, tasteful.

What do you add to life to make it soothing, refreshing, cooling? Bad times- too tough, keep us on edge. But we forget that the view from the edge is the most beautiful. How do we add sweetness to these otherwise sour, tough times? Add sugar and a pinch of salt. Meaning add love and take it all with a pinch of salt.

You say- LOVE? Where from? When all I can see is the sourness that life has given. I say- Love.. From within and without. From inside & outside you. Self love & love from people around you.

SELF LOVE? What on earth is that supposed to be? I love myself, i eat well, sleep well, I jog. In short, I ‘love’ myself. What else do I need?

I say-Really? Is that all you need to do?

Love for SELF. Do you accept yourself as you are? How many of us truly approve of everything about us? EVERYTHING meaning EVERYTHING. Approval meaning coming to face the fact & accepting all that is good and not so good about us. About days when we were perfect and days we felt miserable. About our achievements and our failures. About our smile and those laughter lines. About having fans or haters. About days when we could not stand our ground. About our easy laughter and equally easy teary eyes. About our childhood and about when we grew up. About things we did and things we could not. About things inside us and things outside us.

Let me put it this way. People in love with someone simply love everything about him/ her, flaws and blunders included. They love even all that is not so perfect about the person. Then, what on earth stops us from loving ourselves despite our flaws?? I didn’t get……, I do not look as good as…, My past doesn’t let me….., If only I was more talented…., If only I was loved by…, If only I was intelligent, did a little better….so on & so forth. Phew!! The list is endless. These are big, sourer lemons inside us. There isn’t any sugar within. And we talk about life giving us lemons!!! Wow!!

If you really want to make lemonade, make use of those big & sour lemons. Squeeze all the juice out of them. Put sugar instead. Put Self love inside. Simply love everything about yourself. Stop criticizing yourself. Be gentle. Be understanding. Simply love the fact that you are here. It is this love of yours which will bring about changes nothing short of miracles. So add this sugar & take it with a pinch of salt. And have a refreshing Loving Life Lemonade!