New Beginnings..

6 things to do when you feel like Quitting

Dr Preeti Chawla

It is not uncommon to feel dull and low. There are days when you question yourself if you should continue on the path you have set out on, or quit. Things, at times, just do not seem to be working out for the good. Your patience is being tested. You feel brain fagged. There is no one to turn to. You feel completely sapped of psychic energy. What do you do now?

1. Take a break. I don’t mean you need to go on a vacation. Take a break from the situation, provided the break won’t end you up in losses. Give your mind the required rest. You are depleted of energy. There is no fuel to keep you going. Fill up your energy reserves during this time. Rest, connect with nature, laugh, talk, or be in your silence. Do whatever eases you up. Keep away from thinking of possible solutions to your situation. Your mind just won’t help you at the moment

2. Accept your emotions of feeling low & wanting to quit. IT IS ALRIGHT. NO BIG DEAL. You are human. It is perfect to FEEL like quitting after making sure you have given to it all that you had, as of now. Feel the emotion. Acknowledge it. Don’t act on it NOW. Hold on.

3. Talk to someone about how you feel. Unless of course, you feel worse after sharing. You are not asking them for a way out. You are only venting out your negative energies and making place for the positive..

4. Get into some physical activity. Walk, jog, run, play. Sports. Workout. Yoga. Whatever suits you. These activities release serotonin& endorphins in the nervous system, which uplifts your mood naturally, as against caffeine

5. Connect with yourself. Meditate. Go out in nature. Practice deep breathing. Absorb energy from sunlight, breathe in fresh air, drink plenty of water, eat more of raw food – salads, green veggies, fruits. Walk barefoot on grass. Listen to the chirping of birds. You will find your answers as you connect with yourself..

6. Go back to your ‘WHY’. Why did you choose to walk this path? Look at the bigger picture. Look back and trace your journey till here. Find out your moments of wisdom & victories. Look at the reason you are wanting to give up for? Is it good enough? I don’t say it will always be not. Only you will know it. Listen to the real you.