New Beginnings..

It's not a bad-bad world…Be the Light

Dr Preeti Chawla

Trust me. It’s not. We are all souls. And souls are not bad. Its just that their times are. Everyone you meet is fighting a lonely battle. Fighting against anger, worry, anxiety, dread, phobia, tension, hatred, ignorance, jealousy. Fighting to survive darkness in its different forms. In all this, someone suffers and then the world seems ‘bad’. But it really isn’t all that bad.

The world is a beautiful place. Because it was created to be one. It’s a positive place to be in.

Trust the world. Trust the love in the world. It isn’t surviving because of the bad ones, its surviving because of the good ones. There are angelic people out there. You only need to discover them. It is these who help you rebuild your trust in the world, if it ever was broken. They help you find your light. And they do it unconditionally. Trust them.

Let no experience be strong enough for you to mistrust the innate goodness; the goodness that you and I were sent here with., which got obscured, got lost somewhere in our daily battles. But it still lies hidden in there. There…inside your heart.. It’s your magic light. Light that will shine so bright that it will show you the way. But it needs to be unwrapped, to be uncovered. Whatever is exposed to light itself becomes the light.

I don’t ask you to not safeguard yourself from the negatives. Do that.

Bring yourself closer to the positives. Positive people, positive energies, positive thoughts, positive actions. Kindness, compassion, happiness, peace, love.. is all that the world needs today. The mind lingers on pains from the past but let that not stop us from being a ray of hope for someone. The lonely fighters need the love and care. Reach out to them. Nurture them. Bring them closer to their light. Help them dispel their darkness. You may mean life to them…After all, kindness is the price you pay for being on earth! It’s a nice world. We only need to stop cribbing and make it better..Be the Light.

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