New Beginnings..

New Beginnings….

Dr Preeti Chawla

Every time I click a right on my desktop, it shows me an option of ‘REFRESH’!! How about doing that with our lives?

Refresh your life. Let it be about newness, fresh beginnings. Leaving behind the old masks. Let go of what is not meant for your good. As they say- Let go of what doesn’t serve you any longer.

Agree to see and welcome the new light. Walk your way out of the dark and look at the new dawn. However silent it may be. Just look at it.

Life is all about movement. However slow it may be. Water in a pond stagnates because it is still. It does not move. And then gives out a stench. A stream flows consistently, from over the rocks, leaving behind old ones to flow over the new ones. And that is the beauty of the stream. Let bygones be GONE. FOREVER. Look out at new beginnings. At what life is offering you afresh. Every end is the beginning of something new. Look at the new sparkle, the new magic in your life.

Let go of all that is not for your good. Let go of the thought that all is not enough. What you have today is enough for you. Or else you would have been given more. You are given all that is meant for you at this moment.

See the light at the end of the tunnel. Leave the tunnel behind. You have crossed it. You do not need to go back to it again. Look back, if you must, only to see how far you have come and, pat your back for that. The year gone by served you as long as it was meant to. It surely didn’t leave you empty handed. It filled your hands and pockets with some gifts, few of which are yet to be unpacked. Unpacking these will be few of your surprises in the new year. New year. New dawn. New life…. Look at the freshness of it. That which has gone away has left a new YOU. As new as a freshly bloomed bud. As new as the first drop of dew. As new as the first ray of sun at the dawn. New & fresh. And untouched!

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