New Beginnings..

Write A Different Story This Time...

Dr Preeti Chawla

With all the posts on welcoming a new year-2018, I recently read a friend write on social media – What is so different about 1st January each year? It’s just as good as another day. Why is the craze about? This set me thinking.

Episode 2- A close friend goes to book a place for celebrating 31st December 2017, to bring in the new year along with his friends and colleagues. This set me thinking again. Now I had questions in my mind- what IS IT that is being celebrated each year on the 31st December. And why would I keep up each 31st December at home and feel happy when it touched 12:00:01? For me, a new year meant new hope, probably to do things I couldn’t do the previous year and complete my pending ‘resolutions’. May be that second for me is a moment of vowing to change the way I did certain things the previous year. It’s a moment of promise I make to myself. A new beginning.

May be we all celebrate gratitude towards the previous year and look forward to a better year. We hope that just like the Santa, the new year will bring us new things, new ways of growth, new rays of hope and light. We hope to write a new story each year. We give ourselves another chance of dancing better.

All said and done, even though time may seem to have slipped away too soon with the entire year gone by, I thought of a few things which could take us closer to our goals and purpose.

1. Have your goals crystal-clear in your mind. A very clear picture. May be pictures like you see in a story book. Change the picture if it is too old. Amend it. Add more colours or simplify it.
2. Put down your goals on paper. Now along with your mind, your eyes too are looking at them. Read them repeatedly. Review them at intervals. May be every 3 days or 1 week. See what interval suits your kind of goal.
3. Do something, atleast 1 thing, each day that takes you closer to your goal. Do that 1 little thing. Cross your fears and indolence. It will give you a better night sleep.
4. Learn and grow. Keep learning something new each day. A new word, a new skill, an art. It could be anything related or unrelated to your career/ profession. As the brain experiences a new stimulus through new learning, it releases dopamine that keeps you driven and in momentum. Or else the intrinsic motivation stagnates.
5. Have a fitness and healthy diet routine in place. Some amount of structure and discipline is necessary to keep you physically and mentally healthy.
6. Meditate. The more self connected you are, the more you stay in alignment with your goal and purpose.
7. Believe in your vision. Retain your self confidence. Be a person on a mission. Find your purpose. Forget the naysayers. Look at the light. Leave the darkness behind. Life becomes a joy ride once you know the reason you are here.
8. Figure out your time-wasters. We all have them for sure. Just a little awareness may end up giving you more ‘me time’ or productive time. The choice is yours.
9. Be kind & compassionate. Help others trust the world. You inturn make the world a better place to live in- for others and you as well. You are not losing anything. It’s a good bargain. And if you can’t, then your perspective needs to be dived into, analysed, studied and re-programmed!!
10. Let the people you love know it. Through words and your actions as well. Love is not a feeling. It’s a verb. It something that you do. Rather it reflects in all that you do.
11. The past is the PAST. GONE. It is gone past you. Leave it alone. Be in the present. That’s your gift! It’s the least you can do for yourself.

Wishing you a new, much fulfilling story this year. And hoping the same for me too! You have 365 chances of doing it. And so do I! God bless us ♥ !

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