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A Doctor & Counselling Psychologist by qualifications, Dr. Preeti Chawla believes that Human being is a trinity of Soul, Mind & Body and that Mind is the key to realize one's innate potential. Realization and Actualization of one's internal prowess further leads to rising above the mind (Her tagline is RISE & SHINE). We all are gifted with the same potential. Difference lies in only the way one explores, unravels and uses it.
Her fascination towards the Human Mind & Psyche, and also her experience with Meditation made her pursue Psychology (M.A.) after medical education (B.H.M.S.). She works with a vision of 'Changing Lives for the better'. She says, "Success is not all about materialistic gains. It is about the love you shared with yourself and others; about what you could contribute to the society at large; about the legacy you leave behind; about greatness that you discover, within yourself and others; about how much you help others grow."
As a doctor, along with practising homoeopathic medicine, she began giving away Health Talks/ seminars. As she witnessed and realized the game of Human Thoughts & Emotions, she got inclined towards studying & working on the MIND. She also realised that one needs RESILIENCE to deal with challenges; and that Happiness is more of an inside job! Here began her journey of consciously working upon herself through different ways. During this time, she used Yoga, Mindfulness, Inner silence and Meditation to evolve at all levels.
Dr. Preeti Chawla beautifully amalgamates her experience and knowledge of medical science, human psychology, philosophy and mindfulness to design her workshops and courses.As a Trainer, she conducts live and online workshops on Self Connection & Empowerment; Emotional Health; Universal laws; Meditation & Mindfulness and the like. She caters to all age groups beginning with the teenagers. She uses both ancient traditional and contemporary scientific approach & techniques. Her role as a Counsellor/ Coach is to guide and counsel individuals through challenges faces in relationships, career, self growth and goal achievement.
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