What will your footprints be like?

Dr Preeti Chawla

May 7, 2017

We all leave something behind, knowingly or unknowingly. Well, we all WANT to leave something behind, after we are gone. For the good. For the love. For the humanity. Something like the footprints in sand…

It is a longing of your inner being to do its bit for the many people living and the souls yet to come into the world after yours has gone away. To add in its own way to the lives of others. Those ‘others’ who are strangers, who are unknown. Who are unseen and unheard of. Those who are not yet here. Each one of us secretly wishes to do something for them all. Yes my dear. Each one of us does! And again, it is not just a wish. It is a longing of the soul deep within. All great men did. Left a legacy behind. Carved a path for others to look at and learn from, so as to carve a new one for themselves. No two great men were alike. Nor were their paths. We all have equal potential to leave behind a trail, in our own way. To leave behind a LEGACY. It is all given to us already. It will need a lot of toiling. Toiling meaning inner work. The manifestation afterall happens if you work on that which is unmanifest, which is your inner being. The real YOU.

So Dive within. Chisel away all that is waste. All that is not useful. Substandard. Wash it all away. Let go of all that is withholding you from your best. From your light. From the pinnacle that is YOU. Set an example. Be magnificent. It is not going to be easy. I know. I understand. It won’t be. But whoever said that greatness is easy earned. Who got to their best walk on an easy road? None of the great men did. Chuck out all that is self centered. All that is not simple. Throw away complexities. Heal your pains. Burn your worries to ashes. Cross your fears. Tell a different story. Talk about how good is life and the universe. Get rid of anything that is away from love and anything that ties you down. Fall in love with all the living beings around you. Yes. ALL.

Once you find your light, hold it between both your hands. Carefully. Humbly. Yet Strongly. Gather within your hands all that is the best of you. And then it is time to splash it in

the world around you. As far as you can. Go still farther from the place that you call ‘your limits’. Spread your love. Your peace. Your kindness. Your compassion. Splash and spread around all that is YOU. Your magnificence. Because only you can be great at your greatness. In your own way. None other can do it the way YOU do it. Leave behind a legacy. Leave your foot prints in the sands of time…Not for others to follow. But for another good soul to look at them and say, “Hey! If they could create a new path and walk it all the way till the end, with all the little that they had, why not me?”. Whenever there is a 1st person to think these thoughts, you have left a legacy behind. Believe me you have shone your light. You left behind the light to illuminate a different path for someone else. YOU left behind YOU, even after you were gone!