Free Mindfulness Workshop

Dr Preeti Chawla

Hi All,
Anhad brings to you a 2-hour workshop to help connect with your deeper self. Breathwork- to bridge the gap between mind and soul. Staying connected with the profundity of the soul helps gain emotional & mental resilience. Aura cleansing- for an optimistic and pleasing personality. Be a person people are comfortable around. Release negativity borne out of worry, anxiety, anger, sadness, jealousy. Chakra Meditation- For relaxation, grounding and physical (at organ level) + psychical (emotional) well being. Helps boost immunity; balanced & peaceful mind.
Join me on On 12th May, 9am-11am,
Qtube Cafe, Bandra, Mumbai.

Registration fee:

INR 800/-

We have limited seats only!

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Ph no. +91 9819149951