Dr Preeti Chawla

Have faith. It never lets you fail. Surrender to your faith. Your faith – that all will be well; that yours will be done; that it will all work out; that you will find love; that you will find your way.

When you stop resisting, nature comes into the picture. The universe takes up its role. It starts playing for you. And it makes that possible which is best for you.

Faith is either 0% or 100%. It is either ‘there’ or ‘not there’. There is nothing in between. Having faith does not imply that you do nothing. No. Not in the least. You do. You do what you feel will help. You keep working hard in your direction. But don’t force things to happen. Put in your best efforts. And believe that the best will happen.

Be happy if things don’t go how you had planned, even after you have given your best. Because nature has foreseen something. It does this to either save you from some harm or because it has something better for you.

Nothing in existence is more intelligent than Nature. Nature never harms you. The universe has no such intentions. It, in fact, holds you, close to its bosom, as a mother would. You may not see this now but may be over a very long period of time, you will. And that’s a TOUGH time… it surely is. The tougher it is, the better are the results. It brings out the best in you.

Don’t feel it to be the end of the world. HOLD ON. DO NOT GIVE UP. It, actually, is a new beginning. Now is ‘the’ time. The time towards your glory begins now…so keep walking and working… with faith. You are strong and you can do it.

I have that faith in YOU!