New Beginnings..

The Golden leaf

Dr Preeti Chawla

Love. Peace. Kindness. Prosperity. Compassion. Harmony. Truth. Joy. Smiles. Hope. Laughter. Happiness. Faith. Prayer. Silence. Bless. Altruism. Humanity. Brotherhood. Trust. Together. Play. Innocent. Courage. Honest.

Whatever you may call them, values or virtues, I can think of only these when I ask myself what Goodness is? It is the golden leaf that we hang on. Each of us. The golden leaf of goodness.

Goodness is our innate nature. Its ‘Our kind’. Our type. We are born with it. And we die with it. All of us. Some die with goodness shining all around them. Some die with it buried deep within . And some die leaving behind a legacy of goodness. But still, you see, it is there. It belongs to us. We belong to it. It is there all along with us. At times, clearly. At times, hazily.

Why do we falter with it? New into this world, coming from a different world of complete protection inside the mother, as life begins, it moves on. Moving on brings changes. Some good, some bad. As we move on, this innate light, as if begins to flicker, it being unsure of finding its own fellow kind. It looks for its reflection, for a company. One good sight of a like-minded friend and it decides to flourish and live-on!! But one good kick on the back and it appears shaken. Discouraged. As if ready to die. Doesn’t it ? Really!! I mean, is this inborn nature of our’s so very helpless or so badly shattered by things around? Are you trying to tell me that evil out there has the power to break your back? And you are the victim?? What is evil? Anger. Hate. Jealous. Lonely. Lies. Unkind. Pain. Sly. False. Vanity. Hopeless. Dark. Is all evil. Easier said than done. Right? I too, at many points in life, have questioned my faith in all that is good. In love. In being kind. In keeping hope. In trust. In All. EVERYTHING. Every time I doubted, I was asked questions. Will life be worth it without all these? Will my existence here meet its purpose, if I abandon these? It won’t. Not a bit of it. And so will no one’s.

It’s all about not letting things, or circumstances, if you may call it, mould you the way they desire it. It’s all about fighting back. Moulding comes very easy. The easiest way. The simplest. It’s easy for me to hate someone for having wronged me. That is, perhaps, the easiest route I take out of that situation. But the hate stays with me all the time. Hate is not what I was born with or for. But I will now carry it all along my existence. How about me not loving my wrong doer, but gradually coming to accept being wronged and neutralize my bitterness? It’s easy to abandon love when the going gets tough. I don’t mean the times where that is the only way out. But what isn’t easy is the challenge. To embrace love, even when it’s tough.

Why do we give up? Does evil give up so easily as goodness does? Is it really that tough to keep it going? To stand by what you believed in, for almost a lifetime? Does it really matter whether your goodness finds a reflection of its kind or not? Will you change if you don’t find your tribe? Won’t you be game to spread it, to perpetuate it? I will be. I am all game to spread it across the globe. I am not disheartened. Because I understand that we thrive on this earth today, and not just survive, due to the goodness being more than the evil. Even though, may be just a handful more. My heart is full of hopes. Golden hopes. Hopes because of those little golden lights I meet along my path. Those few to many people I have met in my journey yet. Whom I envision to form a caravan. A caravan that will keep protected the golden leaf. A caravan that will finally encircle the world…with Love.