I am the light that makes me Shine..

Dr Preeti Chawla

We all leave something behind, knowingly or unknowingly. Well, we all WANT to leave something behind, after we are gone. For the good. For the love. For the humanity. Something like the footprints in sand…

THE best works in the world are done in silence. Silence within. And silence without. The best sellers are written in silent nights. Or on quiet mornings along the sea-shore or sitting by the window pane. Or on an endless afternoon, having shut themselves in a room, away from the noise. The writer dives within and lays his hands on what life gave him in many different ways and merges it with something innate. The softest music that left you teary eyed, either because it reminded you of something you lost or it touched you with a new hope of doing your dreams, was made in absolute vacuum. The mystics connect to their light when the world around is asleep. It is in those moments that they feel the pain & suffering of the world around and of themselves. And they heal. It is during that silence of the dawn that the best legacy is written and done.

No great woman/ man reached their greatness while in chaos. Inner chaos. No. Outer chaos. Yes. Greatness is your rightful duty. It is the right that no one can deny you of, but yourself. And it is your duty to leave the world a better place than it was before your greatness. When you choose to do away with your greatness, you deprive the world of it. You deprive the people around you of it. The people out there are waiting for you to shine your light upon them. Everything is as perfect as it should be minus your greatness, at the moment.

Dive deep into your silence. Deep. Very deep. Touch the gravest part of that which is YOU. And the world will see you through your light. You are not what you say and do. You are that which makes you shine. As I write this in the silence of the night, I know my light is shining and I know IT is ME!