Dr Preeti Chawla

LAW OF ATTRACTION (LOA) is one of the most important Universal Laws, stating "like attracts like" OR "you attract what you are". Learn more about the law to create your life; to get attuned with your destiny. Apply it to attract success in wealth, health, relationships, spiritual growth. Take your mindset and life to an altogether different level.
I bring to you a 9-day ONLINE course on the LAW OF ATTRACTION- 'In alignment with destiny.'

What I am aiming through the course?

♥ Raised thought frequency & energy vibration.
♥ Learn how the Universe operates.
♥ Understand your mind programming.
♥ Improved perspective.
♥ Clarity of your goals.
♥ Attract abundance.
♥ Can achieve your goals.

What is the course syllabus?

♥ Defining LOA
♥ Explanation & understanding of LOA
♥ Presence of LOA in the universe & nature
♥ Application of LOA in life.
♥ Thought frequency & raising it.
♥ Creative Visualization...
♥ Why LOA fails at times?
♥ Law of Action.
♥ States of Mind.
♥ How to continue the practice after the course?

What are the modes of course delivery

You will be sent
(1) my pre-recorded video lectures explaining the activity of the day, along with
(2) E-mails/ whatsapp document/ message and links to videos, with the activity/practice to be done that day.

COURSE BEGINS: We begin: 15th December 2019

Course fee: INR 3500/- or USD 50$.
Payment mode: NEFT/ Google Pay
Call us to register: 9819149951
Contact us
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